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Moses the Heretic



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Moses the Heretic

August 11, 2008 --

Aegis Press would like to announce a remarkable novel, Moses the Heretic, by Daniel Spiro. The author uses the vehicle of fiction to confront the reader about a range of topics in contemporary religion and politics including the Arab-Israeli conflict,

immortality, and God. Moses the Heretic examines the hero of the Exodus and asks the question, "If he were alive today, what would Moses do?" The author‟s answer is given in the form of the unforgettable character, Rabbi Moses Levine. Levine is obsessed with following in the footsteps of his namesake, but he is far from the mouthpiece of the traditional God. Fueled by heretical ideas, but with a nearly infinite passion to repair our world, Levine can be as infuriating as he is inspiring.

Moses the Heretic tells a story about prophecy in a way that is authentically Jewish. This prophet is no saint he is stripped bare in all his humanity but he is also steeped in the highest values of Judaism, which includes the respect for other cultures and faiths. As a result, Moses the Heretic not only reveals much about the essence of the Jewish faith, but also presents its sister religions in a light that is sure to repel the chauvinist and delight the ecumenical soul.


Daniel Spiro is a native of Bethesda, Maryland, where he currently lives with his wife, two daughters and two bichon frises. A graduate of Stanford University and the Harvard Law School, Mr. Spiro is a Senior Trial Counsel for the United States Department of Justice where he specializes in fighting health care fraud. He is also the Coordinator of the Washington Spinoza Society, a discussion group sponsored by the Goethe-Institut Washington. Mr. Spiro has published works on the role of religion in the public schools and the philosophy of education. In addition, he regularly blogs under the name "Empathic Rationalist," which can be found on his website, www.danielspiro.com. His first novel, The Creed Room, was published by Aegis Press in 2006 to critical praise by numerous fellow authors.


                                         Book Details

              Category:                          Judaica, Religion, Fiction

              Pub. Date:                         8/11/08

              ISBN (10):                          0-9747645-3-5, CIP data

               ISBN (13):                          978-0-9747465-3-5

              Publisher:                          Aegis Press

              Price:                                $21.95

              Specifications:                   Hardcover, dust jacket, 6 X 9.5 inches

              Length:                             306 pages

              Distributed by:                   AtlasBooks (800) 247-6553

              Contact:                            John J. McGraw, info@theaegispress.com

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