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Madness in the Heart

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Madness in the Heart by Edward Donahoe

Black unappeasable wells of anger had fed the bitter life of Thomas McGraw from the time he came into Kansas as a pioneer until he had become the mad old man of Ponca City, a money-ridden oil town in Oklahoma.  Thomas had been Ponca City's first citizen, rich and powerful.  Mrs. Rhodes, who lived only to break reputations in her ruthless school for scandal, found no other man worth her respect, not even E.W. Marland, who floated into incredible wealth and power on the first wave of oil.

Because of the curse of anger that was on him, Thomas lived alone in his big, decaying house, and wandered the streets spreading public shame on his family.  His grandson watched and felt this madness as though he had inherited its blight.  He was the son of Cain, a son of his grandfather, and was only to find peace when his family did.

Edward Donahoe has written a first novel that is big with unrestrained vitality.  He has recreated the crudeness and power and evil that oil brought into the land; and in the might figure of Thomas McGraw he has imaged all that was great, both good and bad, in the American builders of Empire.


About the Author:

Born in raised in Ponca City, Edward Donahoe was a graduate of Harvard University and a man of letters.  He spent the latter part of his life in New Mexico.


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This book can be ordered from Brace Books & More in Ponca City (800 256-5173).  The retail price for the paperback edition is just $17.95.

Bookstores can order the book direct from us (877 848-7885).  ISBN 0974764515