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What is the Aegis?

A prominent symbol of ancient Greek culture, the aegis is rich in mythology.  According to one tale, the aegis was the divine shield of Zeus whom he entrusted to his daughter, the goddess Athena.  Only once did Athena allow a mortal to use this divine weapon.  When Perseus was to undertake his all-but-impossible set of tasks, he was aided by Hermes and Athena.  From Hermes he gained guidance and a powerful sword and from Athena he learned wisdom and was lent the aegis.  Using the aegis he was able to face the death-dealing Medusa whose frightening eyes could instantly turn any mortal into stone.  Using the inside of the aegis as a makeshift mirror, Perseus was able to approach Medusa without facing her directly.  With a single stroke he beheaded the snake-haired Gorgon and was able to take on the next ordeal.  As a remembrance of man's bravery, Athena had the head of Medusa engraved on the face of the divine shield.


What do we publish?

AEGIS PRESS publishes nonfiction books that specialize in philosophical and religious themes.


Are your authors available for interviews?

Yes!  Dan Spiro is avaiable for interviews over the phone or in person if your organziation is located in the Washington, D.C. area.  John McGraw is available for interviews over the phone or in person if your organization is located in southern California.  Both authors are well-versed in philosophical and political topics.  Dan's experience as a Trial Attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice provides him with an insider's view of national politics and social issues.  John's training in anthropology affords him a sensitive appreciation of cultural conflicts and ideological dilemmas.


Author Submissions

Interested authors are encouraged to e-mail proposals to the address below.  As we are a small publishing company we have neither the time nor the staff to entertain packages submitted by mail.  Any such packages will be marked return to sender.  We are not interested in publishing fiction at this time.


Contact Information

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