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The Creed Room


Early Reviews of The Creed Room


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Irvin Yalom, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Stanford University

author of The Schopenhauer Cure and When Nietzsche Wept

“A terrific read.  How wonderful to plunge into a book where ideas reign—delectable, relevant, accessible ideas about faith, justice, secularism, fairness, religion, politics and the nature of reality.  America’s response to Sophie’s World.”


Mauricio Cortina, M.D., co-editor of A Prophetic Analyst: Erich Fromm’s Contribution to Psychoanalysis

“Some books engage the heart, others the head.  This wonderful first novel engages the head and the heart and is a terrific page turner.”


 Douglas Rushkoff, author of Nothing Sacred: The Truth about Judaism, Exit Strategy and Coercion

“Our greatest religions have always taught us to question, negotiate, and evolve them over time.  In an era when this practice of collaborative inquiry is considered blasphemous or, worse, secular, The Creed Room presents a clever ‘what if’ in the spirit of George Bernard Shaw.”


Douglas Stone, co-author of Difficult Conversations

"As enlightening as it is entertaining, The Creed Room is a fine example of philosophical fiction.  It looks at the chasm that separates fundamentalists from secularists and liberals from conservatives, and shows us a way in which we can find social unity and spiritual satisfaction.  This book must be read by everyone who hates apathy and loves to be engaged by the power of ideas.”


Wilton Dillon, Senior Scholar Emeritus, Smithsonian Institution

“Attorney Daniel Spiro, a Spinoza-loving first-time novelist, serves up a case destined to make us elders pay attention to what we should continue to learn from the ancients.  Intelligent design, abortion, schooling by testing, Katrina-bared poverty and gay marriage are a few of the hot buttons he presses into Talmudic, Socratic questioning.  Spiro uses suspense and humor to make readers realize that human choices and risk-taking are basic to understanding religious and moral values linked to the Buddha and the children of Abraham.”


 Alvin Rosenfeld, M.D., co-author with Bruno Bettelheim, The Art of the Obvious, author of Dissenter in the House of God

"A thoughtful, thought-provoking and moving exploration of what really matters in life.  A great read."


 Sankara Saranam, author of God Without Religion

"...a worthy model for the type of dialogue so urgently needed in the United States."


Riccardo Pozzo, Professor of the History of Philosophy, Universita di Verona

”Witty and clear, The Creed Room tells a compelling and brainy love story.  It also portrays different religious traditions in a manner that is truly philosophical..."


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