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The Creed Room

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Daniel Spiro
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The Creed Room by Daniel Spiro

Sam Kramer is the kind of school teacher who is born to provoke—whether it’s his students’ thoughts or his principal’s anger.  In his classroom, he’s in charge.  But he soon finds himself a pawn in someone else’s classroom when he responds to a cryptic ad in the Washington Post and visits an old Victorian mansion.  There, he and eight others are given a proposition: for a handsome fee, work together over the next several months to develop a new creed for humankind, a unifying philosophy that will give hope to an increasingly divided world.  The group starts out with great devotion to the man who brought them together.  What they don’t realize until later is that this “benefactor” may in fact have created the creed room for his own, more sinister purposes.

Daniel Spiro’s characters pull no punches as they spar about religious fundamentalism, racism, poverty and the question of God.  Sometimes, these characters find common ground.  They also find romance.  And in the end, they change history.

The Creed Room is a dramatic, thought-provoking journey through the ideological divide that now strangles the American soul.  Fortunately, Mr. Spiro doesn’t simply diagnose the problem; the “creed” he offers as a solution succeeds in marrying many of the best ideas on both sides of the Great Divide.


About the Author

Daniel Spiro is a native of Bethesda, Maryland, where he currently lives with his wife, two daughters and two bichon frises.  A graduate of Stanford University and the Harvard Law School, Mr. Spiro is a Trial Attorney for the United States Department of Justice.  He is also the Coordinator of the Washington Spinoza Society, a discussion group sponsored by the Goethe-Institut Washington.  Mr. Spiro has published works on the role of religion in the public schools and the philosophy of education.  The Creed Room is his first novel.


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This book is distributed by AtlasBooks (a division of BookMasters, Inc.) and by wholesalers such as Ingram and Baker & TaylorThe Creed Room is available through all internet booksellers (such as Amazon.com).  If your local bookstore does not currently stock this book, ask them to order it from their preferred source.  The retail price for the hardcover edition is just $21.95.  ISBN 9780974764535


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